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Great write up, Maverick

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At the outset Kudos for great research and different approach. I just subscribed and plan to read the previous posts.

On this special edition thesis - disconnect in Cost of Capital - and the attribution ie NDX pricing in Fed rate cuts seems spot on.

I think 🤔 we might get additional insights by:

1) back test if this phenom was experienced in previous rate cycles since 1980s ?

2. Depending on insights from 1 above - role of the recent acquisition of SVB book by GS. At what point would GS be ready to flip for profits

3. if this truly is a gap of historical proportions - is there a fundamental shift in Tech valuations especially with AI mania, upheaval in semiconductor supply due to geo political shocks

I personally think NDX is overdone but additional confirmation always helps.

Thank you 🙏 again


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Super interesting … I am not a trader (exceptions) doing a lot of tactical stuff but this is super dope … very educational and I understand more about the markets … thanks!

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Great rationale … thank you!

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great coverage, thx!

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